Afghanistan's economy will recover with a BTC

The country will issue $ 5.8 billion worth of crypto bonds backed by lithium deposits valued at $ 3 million. The proceeds will go to rebuild the infrastructure damaged by 30-year hostilities. According to the head of the Central Bank, it is planned to use Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency will provide the necessary security of investments and guarantee payment of profits. The country will receive not only material, but also financial benefits  from the attracted funds. It is no secret that the attitude towards any state is assessed by the economy security. The more investment in the country, the higher this point is.It is like a green light for investors.

Now that the IMF has negatively assessed investment prospects, Afghanistan has almost no opportunity to raise funds from outside through interstate channels to develop its agricultural or mining industry.

According to the government opinion, it will be possible to interest such large companies as Tesla, who are interested in lithium for their electric vehicles with a help of Bitcoin. Global investors will be able to unleash the potential of mineral reserves, and the country will receive the necessary funds for development.

The Central Bank of Afghanistan has notified the IMF of the planned issue of crypto bonds. Director Christine Lagarde supported the initiative, but notified that the launch release took place in a test environment.

1 year ago

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