Adult Entertainment Platform Introduces New Industry Concept

Blockchain technology is being rolled out in different sectors. The entertainment sector is the latest to embrace the technology. The rollout is rapid despite a number of scams being reported. Data indicate that about 90% of ICOs conducted on blockchain-related games turned out to be scams. About 1% collapsed after being launch.

However, Rasputin Online is trying to deliver the maximum outcome. The platform deals in adult content and it has been in existence for the last two months. The ICO-funded firm seems to be thriving in the market due to stale competitors.

On the platform, users can link with models through live broadcast worldwide. Its set up has 60 models who sit in the broadcast studio which has been tailored to a party house. Here, models attempt to live normally with cameras glued on them 24/7. Clients also get to enjoy live across the 30 Live Show Rooms set shows for customers via 30 Live Show Rooms.

The rooms are equipped with approximately 100 High Definition cameras. The recording devices have been strategically placed. Paying customers get live photos and audio.

Rasputin Oline is the first to incorporate the idea of Voyeur and Live Cam all in one. The platform also has unique features such a live streaming base where participants live and interact with clients.

Rasputin seems to have no competitor in the market at the moment. The adult entertainment scene has many websites with clients who will have the potential of subscribing to Rasputin Online. At the moment, the firm has about 15,000 users in under two months. It is already proving to be a  success.

The platform has introduced the Rasputin Party Mansion that has uniques features such as the virtual girlfriend. It launched Rasputin Online Coin which is on Etherdelta and IDEX. Other exchanges are expected to be enrolled soon hence ROC investors will soon earn dividends.

2 years ago

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