Accentuate Plans on Utilizing Blockchain for Logistics Upgrade

A patent published on the 26th of July revealed that Accentuate has plans of utilizing blockchain to apply a newly updated logistics network within its company.



In the published paper from the USPTO, Accentuate plans on joining several big-name companies by supporting blockchain and applying its uses to their systems as a means of enhancing speed, security, and efficiency within logistics.

According to the patent, a notification may be received by a device once an ordered product is delivered to its location and may even be shipped overseas or locally to any destination. The device will also analyze any products and classify characteristics or attributes and will compare verification data held within encrypted and protected records.

This is yet another move in the company’s blockchain interest, previously revealing a solution for aerospace supply chains on a collaboration with Thales, a global aerospace company. Earlier this year, the mega-company also partnered with DHL as a means of applying blockchain technology and enhancements to pharmaceutical companies and chains.

The new patent is not the first or only one to be submitted in regards to blockchain-tech. In 2017, Accentuate also began stirring heads after announced the editable blockchain and critics accused the new innovation of violating the very foundations of the technology.

2 years ago

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