AC3 Analysis Report by Riedel Published

As one the most distinguished platforms in regards to digital content and education, AC3 has announced the release of a report on its systems by Riedel. The paper is a stand-alone study of AC3 and its decentralized platform as well as utility and the mid-term price of coins.


The Analysis

John Fields, a co-founder of AC3 said that the company’s main priority since its launch has been directly focused on providing governance on an institutional level as well as operations to the cryptocurrency environment. He states that in 2017, the company built its blockchain to conduct safe and secure transactions involving digital content and as a result of the projects growing reputation, Fields and the company are excited to see even further development. 

Riedel is a distinguished and recognized company specializing in standalone studies and research on rising companies internationally. As with the rest of the world, Riedel has seen increased interest in blockchain-tech and cryptocurrency businesses from their users. The firm’s owner, David Riedel, said that AC3 was a perfect choice given its long history as one the very first blockchain environments to include partners and acceptance. He adds that the digital content industry is incredibly vast and companies that are succeeding will only see further success and AC3 has a large head start.

With well over 200,000 transactions in its record, AC3 displays the robust security, efficiency, and its digital wallet user clientele. The company aims to draw in as many partners involved in digital content creation and education as possible and is looking to draw in an equal number of users as its transactions, with a 200,000 user goal as AC3 continues networking and expanding. 

AC3 was created in 2015 and has significantly contributed to digital content advancements as well as blockchain-tech and cryptocurrencies, providing incredible innovations to their industries. The company’s team consists of digital creators and educators as well and expand their services to more than two and a half million developers, designers and content creators on a monthly basis. 

2 years ago

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