Abra Launches International Bitcoin Purchases Via Credit and Debit Cards for Visa/MasterCard Holders

According to recent announcements, Abra members are now able to purchase bitcoin through MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards. Prior to the partnership, users had to purchase cryptocurrencies through direct bank transfers or rely on already owned litecoin and bitcoin funds to acquire more. The only existing exception to payment methods before launching the payment shift allowed for U.S. residents the ability to make purchases with their American Express cards.


Purchasing Cryptocurrency on Credit

With the new incorporation of debit and credit card payments, in addition to existing means, Abra has made acquiring Bitcoin accessible and easy.  For Bitcoin purchases with credit cards, Abra users are able to buy quantities ranging from as little as $50 to $20K USD. Users also have the option to deposit funds directly into new wallets or if they so choose, into any other wallets supported by the platform. In line with varied transaction times, purchasing bitcoin on the platform can take up to thirty minutes to process.

Buying bitcoin with this newly accepted system of credit card payments can be as simple as all other online transactions. The process involves simply choosing the quantity of digital currency one wishes to buy, input the desired wallet address, and proceed with filling in normal payment details related to your card information to confirm the transaction.

To make this new and improved system of gaining more bitcoin even better, this service is available to users worldwide.

2 years ago

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