Abra, a Digital Wallet, Opens Channel for SEPA Users

SEPA consumers can now deposit their euros into their Abra Wallets to be transferred into saved BTC instantly. The service is also available for other areas under the European Union.


After the one-click process, users can easily trade their BTC to purchase other cryptocurrencies listed. All of this can be done on the app with just a few clicks. At the time of writing, ADA is at the top of the list of cryptocurrencies, followed by BAT, and TRX.


In addition, the users of the mentioned areas, as well as people in Switzerland, Norway, San Marino and other areas are able to complete cross-border transactions user their direct debit.

Coinify, the cryptocurrency payments processor, can take the credit for supporting European banks, as states by Bill Barhydt, the Chief Executive Officer.

The CEO stated that their aim to so working with different cryptocurrency exchanges in different areas in the world, starting with Coinify in Europe, to offer their users easy BTC purchases, withdrawals and deposits. The service can now be used by SEPA bank users.

Before this update, users in the US were able to buy cryptocurrencies using their bank cards. In that manner, they could directly deposit crypto into their wallets with wire or bank transactions.

Moreover, BTC cash deposits are now available through Abra, rather than the users having to make wallet deposits only in BTC or LTC.

2 years ago

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