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OmiseGo is one of the Ethereum-based tokens. The project has been working since 2013 and is actively developing in the financial sector of Southeast Asia. In 2017, the expected stage of its development was the creation of its token and the development of an electronic wallet tied to a bank card.

The project has clear practical benefits. Cryptocurrency tokens can be used to purchase goods and services, as well as transfers to other users of the system. All payments are carried out in real-time with a minimum commission and without the need to contact the bank.

The main plus of the platform is the ability to pay for a product or service in a currency convenient for the buyer, while the customer will receive a convenient currency for him. This financial communication scheme is great for developing financial communication between companies and individuals within the whole world.

It can be used to organize social payments, wages, and other payments. This opens up a ton of benefits, allowing you to use OmiseGo as an alternative to Visa or American Express.

The project is actively developing, has excellent scalability, provides a high level of security and availability. A wallet with a set of SDK tools can be effectively used by entrepreneurs. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, they have advantages over competitors.

Project Development News

OmiseGo is actively developing and attracting the attention of users. Team representatives are regularly invited to key industry events. For example, at the end of the summer, the CTO of the project took part in the Bank of Thailand Fintech Fair 2019, discussing with the representatives of Ripple, Deloitte and R3 taxation issues and regulations regarding exchanges and blockchain projects.

In early September, an OmiseGo wallet upgrade was carried out. The developers improved integration with Ethereum, provided the ability to send funds to any OmiseGO Network addresses.

The coin is actively traded on over 400 exchanges, including Exrates.

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