ABCC Rewards Miners with Platform Tokens

ABCC, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, is taking a new approach and rewarding its miners with their native coin using a process known as Trade-to-Mine. The rules regarding mining have seen extensive research, study, and discussion prior to the coin’s official launch. As trading transactions continue operating smoothly on the platform, the expanding rate of mining is growing and the company is looking for new means of encouraging further interaction between the company and its users.


Trade-to-Mine is a new strategy ABCC is exploring- essentially a system designed to reward miners by distributing AT tokens for their trading activity. As more blocks are mined on the platform, each block is designed to unload a specific number of AT which will be distributed between current traders and veteran users that have shifted from the older system. With this new system, mined AT will also reach the hands of investors and the company, including the exchange framework. Essentially, a more active trading environment produces more mined blocks.

As an exchange based on balance and community strength, everyone involved on the platform will observe transactions and the balanced distribution of the native coin through continuously published reports updated in periods of six hours. 


To ensure balance and stability on the exchange, any AT mined on the platform will be treated in a Bitcoin-generation method to contain the currency’s inflation. The total number of AT existing at any given time will be split in half during the platforms’ 120 cycle to ensure the number of tokens remains under 210 million in total given the cap on AT. As each cycle of the platform sees more tokens released, with an initial 35,000 to be launched during the first phase, this protects users from excess transaction fees that may occur.

While other platforms promote and sell their tokens to users, ABCC plans on creating an interactive environment where a user is rewarded with coins based on their platform interactions and their efficiency at trading and mining. This creates a more user-friendly platform for newcomers.

Everyone on the new platform will experience certain perks to joining the exchange and operating on its system. Set to be released in August, any user on the platform will retain ten percent of tokens handed out. Tokens generated through Trade-to-Mine will be distributed over investors, traders and the company, with 40 percent handed out to the former two and 50 percent of every newly-released tokens will go to the company. 

2 years ago

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