50% of Millennials Show Interest in Cryptos, New Survey Reveals

More than half of Americans have heard about cryptos with many acknowledging that digital currency will be the next big thing. 


Survey Reveals Americans View on Cryptos

A new survey has revealed how Americans view the entire cryptocurrency industry. According to the survey, almost 50% of millennials have shown an interest in using cryptos. The group prefers using digital coins unlike the US dollar. The survey was conducted by YouGov.

About 1200 Americans took part in the survey whose results were released on Thursday. The study was conducted towards the end of last month to determine how familiar Americans are with cryptos.

In a press statement, 71% of Americans stated they have heard about the bitcoin. On the other hand, 79% stated that they have heard about the latest cryptos. On the familiarity rank, ether emerged second with 13% stating that they know about it.

Cryptos to be the Next Big Thing

The study further revealed that 87% of people who are aware of bitcoin have not taken part in mining, bought or sold the crypto. Additionally, about 43% of these respondents have no intentions of acquiring bitcoin in future. 

Notably, about 19% of those who took part in the survey aged between 18-34 have a lot of interest in deploying cryptos. 29% of respondents said they were somewhat interested. Half of the millennials stated that they were not in anyway interested in using cryptos. As the age demographics shift, the numbers appeared to change with 36% stating that they were fine with deploying cryptos for payments.

Additionally, a significant number of respondent stated that in the near future cryptos will be widely deployed. Millennials are the largest group that believe that cryptos will spread further. However, a majority of the respondents noted that they have no plans of using cryptos anytime soon.

On the flipside, a quarter of all respondents highlighted that cryptos are being used for illegal activities especially purchases. Another 17% hold the view that digital currencies are used in legal transactions.

2 years ago

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