34 Bytes Launches Integration of Dash and Litecoin, Boosting International Reach

34 Bytes, an American payment processor based in LA California, has integrated the cryptocurrency called Digital Cash, allowing the currency to extend its global reach to almost 1,500 global users. In addition, the company tested another token called Litecoin, integrating it and boosting its visibility to merchants as well.

34 Bytes focuses on developing and distributing digital currency’s point of sales in an attempt to make the currency more accessible and easy for buyers to use. The company’s mission is to allow investors to relate to digital currencies as they would typical credit card payments, integrating them for simple in-store purchase.

According to 34 Bytes spokesperson, successful cryptocurrencies must constantly boost awareness and utility growth as well as remain user-friendly. Although this emerging currency is quite technical, they need to become accessible and understood by mainstream investors rather than purely industry specialists and developers.

New Tech

Point of sale terminals are created in an attempt to strip digital currencies from their associated stigma of seeming too technical, currently hindering their overall acceptance. These terminals help link buyers and merchants with digital currency exchanges  to facilitate the connection between  traditional fiat conversions and the cryptos sphere.

In addition, buys are able to transfer payments directly into cold wallets. The benefit of having Wifi  supported hardware systems allows these terminals to function successfully in low tech environments without the need for tablets or smartphones in close range.

Since the integration, all that's needed to activate  Litecoin and Dash currencies is merely a firmware update. In addition to integrating and supporting new currencies, 34 Bytes plans to expand its network of digital exchanges including Bitfinex,, and Kraken.

2 years ago

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