24,000 CXC Applicants to Get Blockchain Academic Certificates

The CXC has announced that it plans to provide educational certificates that are based on blockchain technology as of 31 October. The new certificates will be produced for 24,000 applicants after they had already attended their final examinations this May and June, these will be provided in conjunction with the conventional paper ones. The applicants who gave their emails to the council are eligible.


Implementing Certificates Digitally

The applicants will receive the electronic certificates through Blockcerts, an open-source and free wallet, that is typically used to store and share data and also verify the applicants’ achievements on their examinations, which are managed by the council. The academic certificates are offered in sixteen countries in the Caribbean which speak English.

Blockcerts will be used to issue the certificates and that helps the examination council to protect them from getting lost in case of any natural disaster happening, which unfortunately is a regular occurrence in the Caribbean. Also, if any other organization or possible employers want to authenticate an applicant’s qualifications it can be used to do so and the process will be very fast, easy and beneficial.

Producing these Blockcerts is to be done using a federal issuing structure from the Learning Machine, a mega system implemented to serve multinationals and also countries that are in need of digitizing the entire procedure of producing and authenticating their official documents.

Natalie Smolenski, the VP of business development for Learning Machine, stated that the availability of these blockchain academic certificates should be extremely beneficial for the 24,000 applicants because they move around a lot for work or education.

Smolenski explained how easy access to such digital credentials which can be shared with anyone, will expedite any authenticating process by doing in a just a few seconds what normally takes a few weeks or even months. She said this outcome is incredibly convenient for both the issuing companies and the residents living in the region.

The Bahamas the First to Adopt a Blockchain Academic System

Countries and regions who are a part of the CXC are not the first ones to implement an academic structure for educational credentials based on blockchain tech. The Bahamas, which is not among the countries included within the council, has already implemented electronic certificates that are authorized locally. They are referred to as the Bahamas Blockcerts, which targets improving the whole procedure of issuing, creating, viewing, and finally verifying academic certifications.

The pioneering Bahamas Blockcerts e-certificates were implemented through the organization for national training in the Bahamas last June for a total of seventy-eight applicants. The project was the 1st within the entire Caribbean and also South America.

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