24-Year-Old Japanese Man Arrested For Remote Crypto Mining

Twenty-four-year-old Masato Yasuda was arrested and sentence to jail after it was discovered that he was using remote mining technology to illegally break into unaware users’ computers and use their processors for his own mining benefits.

According to the sentencing judge, this violated Japan’s laws regarding the creation and use of viruses. The judge urged others not to overlook the fact that Yasuda used his programming and computer expertise to commit the crime, violating ethics by hacking into unsuspecting victims’ personal computers and abusing their capabilities for his own gain

The court then sentenced Yasuda to a suspended initial one-year sentence under the pretense that Yasuda had displayed regret and was currently learning the proper, lawful ethical guidelines. As Yasuda is the first to receive a jail sentencing for remote mining, this opens up a new standard regarding the illegal methods of mining for cryptocurrencies.

Several other arrests around Japan have been made related to the illegal use of remote mining, often referred to as crypto-jacking, a method of breaking into an unauthorized computer- often without the owner’s knowledge- and abusing its processor to mine cryptocurrencies for themselves.


Japanese authorities have been investigating a new kind of malware called Coinhive, a software designed to mine for cryptocurrencies. According to reports, the virus become a highly favored tool among hackers and crypto-jackers, and is one of the world’s largest cybersecurity threats as of today.

According to arrest reports, Yasuda utilized a different method of mining for cryptocurrencies by secretly installing his mining tool on a video game cheat program and posting it on his blog.

2 years ago

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