21 crypto-related websites banned in France by the stock exchange supervisor

The equity market controller in France, the Autorite des Marches Financiers (A.M.F), declared it is banning twenty one newly formed venture websites, which include various cryptocurrency-associated sites, on 26th Sept.


The A.M.F describes the new webpages are "unapproved sites", which promote "nonconforming ventures," and leads clients to the current blacklisted sites that A.M.F say is "non-exhaustive."

In the first quarter of 2018, the A.M.F had included fifteen urls to its list of prohibited webpages— involving even those identified with cryptocurrencies, prompting purchasers that 

"no promotion should make you forget that the higher the yields the higher the risks involved."

This month a news outlet provided details regarding a comparative ban in Belgium, where the Fiscal Services and Markets Authority (F.S.M.A), included twenty-eight new cryptocurrency websites to its list of banned sites and repeated its alerts to shoppers about deceitful con artists in the web.

The  A.M.F has recently been granted the authority to issue permits to organizations that operate first sale of stock also known as ICOs. The nation's cabinet secretary of finance, Bruno Le Maire, stated he seeks that the French legitimate structure of ICOs will "draw in speculators from everywhere on the globe.”

As per the new guidelines, before issuing tokens, an organization should submit applications to the A.M.F for a permit and furnish the office with all the details relating to the sale of token and the issuing organization. These procedures are intended to give extra assurances to ICOs, which the A.M.F had already thought to be overflowing with "dangers" for speculators.

2 years ago

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