$2 M Raised as Funds for Blockchain Gaming Platform WAVES

WAVES, a smart contract-based gaming platform has released a fund worth $2 million for a team of developers to start designing games within its network. The platform revolves around a wallet that is compatible with multiple currencies, featuring a DEX system.


The gaming platform has already released a new gaming asset tokenized platform, designed a few smart contracts that are created for gaming purposes, and is presently designing an SDK along with NFTs to ease growth on the platform.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of WAVES, Sasha Ivanov, expressed that blockchain technology has been widely implemented in gaming, which will accelerate its usage. Ivanov further stated that the company will gift the developers for their efforts by adopting their gaming projects within the WAVES platform.

The Dev Team

The funding will be for 3 classifications of dev teams, which include those who want to transfer from another blockchain platform, those that have existing games they want to integrate with WAVES, and those that have gaming prototypes they want to build on the platform.

The developers should be able to influence the DEX template of WAVES to design their own gaming asset marketplace; they will also use one-click authorization tools to have access to the platform’s blockchain, using mobile or browser.

It's is presently trading for an amount of $1.91, providing the altcoin a market cap of almost $200 million, which means it’s the 43rd biggest coin on ALT100, the benchmark index of large-cap cryptos and tokens.

1 year ago

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