170,000 International Retailers Will Be Selling Cryptos

As more and more individuals are looking to use BTC and ETH for their day-to-day shopping, they initially feel puzzled with the process of actually buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Online P2P exchange platforms can really seem too complex for many users. Buying altcoins is a lot more sophisticated as well because users have to buy major cryptos first in order to be able to own many altcoins.


Netcoins is among the firms looking to provide a real solution for individuals who would like to purchase BTC and altcoins from a source that they can trust, as opposed to getting it online. The company is providing a new chance for altcoins to enter the retail market through the ability to buy cryptos on the spot for fiats using cash, debit cards, or credit cards.

What the Process Entails

Netcoins, which is based in Canada, has an international network of retailers within 170,000 different locations in 6 continents, where users can just enter the store to buy BTC or altcoins using their fiat.

These retailers simply provide the opportunity for an average individual to just walk up and buy the coins where they live, removing the hassle of signing up on an exchange platform.

A lot of these stores also have vouchers that can be used to redeem cryptos online on the official site for Netcoins. Within a few of these locations, Netcoins has its very own virtual cryptocurrency ATM software, which enables the sale of many types of cryptos. At these locations, any device such as a laptop or tablet can be turned into a virtual ATM for cryptos that allows users to buy the digital currencies easily within a normal retail situation.

Any retailer with a checkout counter in the store will be able to host the virtual ATM.  It doesn't matter the type of store or what items are sold, anywhere that users are able to make a purchase is compatible with the software. All that is required from the user is their email and they have to pay a negligible convenience fee that is shared between the retailer and Netcoins.

The Future for Altcoins

Netcoins has been around for 4 years and it has the goal that its exchange platform will be able to make cryptos a popular option among the 95% of the population who still do not know anything about cryptos.

The problems that altcoins are facing is with adoption on a large scale and likewise that it will probably be a very expensive process to have them listed on conventional platforms.

The team at Netcoins sees great possibilities for the adoption of altcoins going forward. They are trying to provide exposure for altcoins within the retail scope to make it accessible to the average user and remove the need for an online exchange account. This year Netcoins added thirteen altcoins to its platforms via its LAAS model.

1 year ago

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