12 Unknown Stellar-Based Projects To Know About

Stellar is gradually but steadily climbing upwards on a very quiet basis away from the media. This might come as a result of Stellar being a zero-prof platform and dedicates its focus and attention to project development as opposed to simply focusing on hype and popularity. As of now, we’ll discuss twelve very quiet projects that operate on Stellar’s blockchain system.


News reports have stated that Veridium as a project dedicated to tokenizing carbon credit permits within the economy by using Stellar’s platform. The project is collaborating with tech-giant IBM and Stellar to introduce their own native coin, VERDE as an easier solution to monitoring and auditing carbon credit permits and its trading performance on the market.


IBM is a long-time partner to Stellar and has utilized its blockchain to research and design a Stablecoin, essentially a coin directly linked to the USD. Additionally, IBM also operates nine nodes on Stellar’s chain as a means of expanding international payments.


Stellarport’s decentralized exchange is unique and decentralized platform powered by Stellar. The platform is robust, sturdy, flexible and provides incredible security and protection, as well as direct access to Stellar’s network for complete and easy asset management, payment transfers and trading on the exchange itself.


Another Stellar blockchain project is Stronghold, a one-stop shop for digital asset exchange. The project permits USD deports and distributes any cryptos including BTC and ETH.


Tempo is a project emerging from Europe and is involved in financial transfers. The project just moved onto Stellar and enables users to experience incredibly cheaper transfers while operating through this platform as well as a much easier time with access. International payments will be able to go through by using Stellar’s E-wallet, either on the internet or any TEMPO avenue.

Satoshi Pay

Satoshi pay integrated itself into Stellar Network’s system in December of 2017. Collaborating with TEMPO, Satoshi Pay moved from its previous BTC network to join Stellar’s.

Open Garden

OG was among the last contestants to make it through Stellar’s Build Challenge overseen by the foundation. Open Garden is dedicated to developing mobile internet connection hotspots through smartphones as part of an international WiFi-sharing ecosystem. As a result of offering any extra bandwidth a user may possess, they can then “share” it for cryptocurrencies in return or even purchase WiFi from nearby holders.


As a merged and quick-use terminal linked to a PoS terminal, TillBilly bases itself on Stellar and dedicates its operations to cut down the costs and fees or payment processing as opposed to card-giants like Visa. Additionally, the project offers a smart receipt system as a solution to excess paper receipts carried around while shopping.


Slice aims at integrating the token tech into the real estate sector within the US and permits any user on its platform to tap into several projects. Previously, this method entailed contacting each investor on their own to access these projects. Property holders will be granted access to the heavily capital-filled pool while private investors will be granted access to incredibly profitable chances.


If stating the obvious due to the name of this project, SureRemit os a company offering global remittance services and usually utilized by African employees working overseas to send funds back home. After joining Stellar, the project now tends to 300 different avenues in Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Additionally, SureRemit can also pay due bills and more.


More tokenization comes from Smartlands, dedicated to tokenizing assets including property, personal stakes and shares and more. The project oversees verification and auditing, required validity reports and other protocols any token distributing company has. In return, investors will purchase coins and tokens from the company and most likely trade them in at a later date for personal gains.


Chynge is a virtual payment service with a mission of make remittance, on a global scale, completely cost-free. Through utilizing tokens to turn payments into digital ones on the blockchain as a means of accelerating transfers to an instantaneous level. Credit lines by banks are also forfeited as a result of the platforms own liquidity pools.

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