$11.6m Returned to Polish Police from DasCoin Fraud

The Polish state prosecutor’s office has confirmed to local news that they have  successfully seized  just over $11 million from the DasCoin scam. According to Ewa Bialik, a spokesman from the highest civil organization unit in Poland, the money was confiscated by Polish Police.


DasCoin rumors have been flying around for more than a year, and fraud investigations were underway ever since it was deemed a potential red zone.

Money Returns

During a year of investigation, $11.6 million has been confiscated by local authorities.  The first chapter of the con was started by NetLeaders’s endorsement campaign, which gave DasCoin more exposure and a strong foundation in the cryptospace. NetLeaders was considered an alleged suspect since 2017.

The Polish district prosecuting lawyers in Warsaw made a declaration regarding the case’s on-going investigation last month. Near the end of September, DasCoin was announced as a fraud. Its linkage to NetLeaders has, all over Poland, inflicted harm on the many people who purchased services and items that follow under the DasEcosystem and consequently, DasCoin. The case’s reference number was also made public.

Polish police are knee-deep in unveiling the extent of the DasCoin fraud. Currently, the comprehensive code in Poland is being investigated so the charges are filed to match the crime, and to ensure the individuals involved serve what is rightfully and legally stated in the Polish code.

The fate of the seized amount of cash from DasCoin is still indeterminate, and so is the fate of the supporters and creators of the coin. The authorities are currently examining all of the details of the alleged scheme.

2 years ago

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